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Specialists in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

We provide services in the following areas, depending on the type of dispute involved:


Corporate financing disputes.

Real Estate

Disputes involving immoveable assets.

Competition and antitrust

Company disputes.

Regulated Sectors

Energy, food, restaurant, health and pharmaceutical industries.


Complex litigation involving the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Insurance and Professional Liability

Insurance companies or policyholders involved in hedging disputes.

Commercial Distribution

Disputes with suppliers, clients and franchisees.


Insolvency proceedings.


Taking debt recovery all the way through to its final stages.


Employer-employee disputes.

Company Law and Director Disputes

Member or shareholder disputes or disputes involving director liability.

Intellectual Property and Technology

Copyright, industrial property, trade marks, patents.

Administrative and Construction Law

Company disputes involving a public authority.

Criminal Law

Advising in criminal litigation.

Civil, Family and Probate Law

Complex family disputes.