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Experts in
franchising and distribution

Our lawyers are experts in franchising and commercial distribution, in digital and in brick and mortar models, at national and international level

Distribution agreements (with exclusive and non-exclusive rights), commercial agency contracts, franchise networks, digital platforms…, the approach to distribution and commercial expansion may be different and diverse and each case, project or business initiative is unique and requires specialized and customized advice.

We advise our clients from the start and with a comprehensive approach, evaluating the most appropriate legal and tax structure, negotiating and preparing contracts, advising on how to prevent or resolve conflicts with their business partners, on their international expansion, with the sale and purchase of franchise networks or with any digital distribution platforms. Thanks to our extensive experience with clients in the areas of franchising and distribution, both online and offline, we are familiar with the most common challenges and we can offer our clients effective solutions and anticipation.

“Since 1941 advising clients in the areas of franchising and distribution”


We have been providing legal advice and support to companies, individuals and institutions for more than 78 years. We apply our extensive legal experience to all our cases.


Over all these years we have handled hundreds of cases in many different sectors and areas of law. We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of lawyers.


We work alongside our clients allowing them a direct line to the lawyers who handle their affairs and provide a personalized approach to each case.


In franchising, we have advised clients in the planning and development of franchise networks, both for products and services, with offline and online components, in the protection of trademarks and know-how, in the drafting of franchise and master-franchise agreements, the disclosure documents, the operating manuals, in adapting the franchise system to different jurisdictions, the international expansion and the negotiation with new master franchisees, the resolution of conflicts between franchisor and franchisees and the acquisition of existing franchisees, local and international.

In other areas of distribution, we have advised clients in the negotiation and drafting of distribution agreements and licenses, commercial agency contracts, both for products distributed in digital and physical format, compliance with antitrust regulations, the resolution of conflicts for breach of contract and in conflicts for unfair competition as well as in the negotiation of indemnifications for termination of the agreements.


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The position of the minority shareholder in a subsidiary in Spain

Advising a British company in the negotiation of the resolution of an agency contract with its agent in Spain, the determination of the clientele indemnification and the agreement on the non-compete provisions.

Advising a franchisor in an investigation for possible infringement of competition laws in Spain, being able to demonstrate that the franchisor’s practices were adequate and did not constitute an infringement of competition regulations.

Advising and drafting the terms and conditions for the distribution in Spain of educational content downloadable in digital format by the end users.


You can also contact us by phone, email, or visiting us at our headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid.


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“We offer our clients a humane and close treatment, so that clients have knowledge, contact and a direct relationship with the lawyers who handle their affairs.”