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Who we are?

Since it was established in 1941, the firm’s main focus has been on providing legal advice on conflict management and dispute resolution matters.

Over the years, the firm has developed its own area of expertise and unique practice methods through its involvement in a broad cross-section of cases of varying length.

Its depth of experience ranges from litigation cases lasting for over 25 years and involving a large number of people, to negotiation and mediation cases requiring total dedication in order to achieve a rapid result in the client’s interests. It has acted in complex family proceedings involving such diverse problem areas as civil disability, succession disputes and a family business transfer in a single case, represented banks and large companies against actions brought by consumers, and advised in cases involving other countries and international jurisdictions.

In contrast to other law firms that have a large pyramid-shaped organisational structure, we prefer a medium-sized structure that promotes the independent legal opinion of each lawyer.  This enables us to advise our clients without the pressure of costly structures and the need for constant growth.

We aspire to striking a balance between offering a personalised service and achieving the right financial return for the cases we are involved in. Thanks to our structure and size, our lawyers can dedicate the time and effort needed for each conflict in order to understand the facts of the case, consider the applicable legal framework, identify possible negotiating or procedural strategies, explain to the client the risks involved in each case, and finally, to implement a jointly chosen strategy.

Experience has taught us that no two clients or disputes are the same, and that each one requires a different approach, which is why we avoid using any form of generalised advice or advice models. In addition to proven technical expertise, all our lawyers take a personable approach based on empathy and understanding, which means they are adaptable to the specific needs of each client, according to their profile, business model or their family or personal situation.

Our formula for success is client satisfaction which is why we are totally transparent about the way a case is managed.  This means you are aware of and understand the risks faced at any stage, and are involved in choosing the most appropriate strategy to achieve the best outcome for your case.

The firm is characterised by its total independence, avoiding any conflict of interest or association with any financial, political or ideological sector that may place our independence at risk.  This is a fundamental principle for the uncompromising defence of our clients’ rights.  

We offer advice on complex legal matters to a varied client base. We advise domestic and international clients in Spain and overseas through our network of international independent law firms, “GBL ALLIANCE”.

Members of our firm sit on the boards of companies and non-profit making organisations which gives them an inside perspective on the issues facing these companies.  

We have a very high success rate for the cases we are instructed to act in, thanks to the effort and dedication we devote to them.

Fee policy

As each client and each case are different, it can also be the way to repay it.

Our structure allows us to tailor our advice to each situation and we try to plan for the various scenarios that can unfold during the course of a case.

This means fees are agreed with each client on a case by case basis, guided by the following principles:

  • Transparency: The client knows how much our advice will cost.
  • Cost effectiveness: This ensures the firm always receives the reward it merits relative to the resources invested in each case.
  • Results-oriented: If requested by the client, we can agree to a share in the outcome achieved for the client.

Just as we have a certain degree of flexibility which allows us to adapt to our clients’ needs and possibilities, so we also ask our clients to understand that our services are not just about legal advice charged by the hour, but about bringing together our wealth of experience, training, learning and dedication for their benefit.

Since it is not always possible to predict how long a case will last and foresee the events that may arise, we also appreciate our clients’ flexibility and understanding when we need to adjust the agreed fees to reflect the true value of our services in cases where the initial quote is no longer valid.


We advise national and foreign clients in Spain and abroad, through the network of independent offices GBL ALLIANCE.

GBL Alliance is a “new breed” international network of independent law firms. More than just a  simple group of like-minded lawyers, we focus on your business needs first and work together with the constant aim to deliver high quality and cost-efficient legal solutions to satisfy today’s client-driven environment.

We combine international legal reach with on-the-ground local knowledge and expertise in all relevant jurisdictions. We are certain that you as a client will benefit from our practical and straightforward approach to your cross-border legal needs.