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Giménez-Salinas Abogados founded in 1941

Since then, our team of lawyers has been advising national and foreign clients in an uninterrupted manner, mainly in matters of commercial dispute resolution.

Currently headed by Juan Carlos Giménez-Salinas Framis, the firm also advises its clients outside of Spain through the international network of independent law firms GBL Alliance.


More than 78 years of experience in the legal advice and defense of companies, individuals and groups accredits the legal journey of Giménez-Salinas. An experience and background that we apply to all our cases.


Throughout our professional experience, we have managed hundreds of conflicts from many different sectors and areas of law. We have a team of highly qualified and multidisciplinary lawyers.


One of the characteristics that defines us is to offer our clients a humane and close treatment, so that clients have a knowledge, contact and direct relationship with the lawyers who carry their affairs.

Because we are different

Our structure allows us to adapt to each situation, and we try to anticipate the different scenarios that will trigger a case.

Therefore, in each case and with each client we agree on custom fees always guided by the following principles:



So that the client knows how much our advice will cost.


Cost effectiveness

So that the office always obtains the remuneration deserved in relation to the resources invested in the different matters.


Focus on result

So that it can be agreed, when the client requires it, a participation in the result obtained by the client.


The position of the creditor in the new Spanish bankruptcy system

The position of the creditor in the new Spanish bankruptcy system

PDF VERSION The 26th of September 2022 the new Spanish Bankruptcy Law will come into force. One of the main aspects of the new regulation is that it grants a new role to creditors within the bankruptcy procedure, which they did not have until now. This article aims to...

Complex shares sale transaction

Complex shares sale transaction

PDF VERSION Our clients, owners of a successful business in the services sector, received an offer from a large American corporation interested in acquiring their Spanish company. The buyer initially acquired 70% of the shares, allowing the sellers to continue with...

Franchising in Spain with a local partner

Franchising in Spain with a local partner

PDF VERSION Out of the approximately 1,381 franchise brands operating in Spain, more than 249 come from other countries, most notably France, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom. This means that about 20% of the franchise brands in Spain are foreign...

“Since 1941 legal advice experts
in matters of management and resolution of conflicts between partners.”

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