This year Giménez-Salinas is celebrating its 75th anniversary since its foundation in 1941.

Since then our firm has been advising both national and international clients, mainly on matters concerning business dispute resolution.

The firm, whose current practice manager is Juan Carlos Giménez-Salinas, also offers advice to clients outside Spain through an international network of independent law firms, International Jurists, of which it has been a member for over 20 years.


Administrator who makes a profit through the suppliers in breach of the duty of loyalty.

Claim of amounts delivered to future housing against the promoter, the administrator and the bank.

Deviation of client portfolio by a family business administrator. Precautionary measure of substitution of the administrator by a judicial administrator.

Refinancing agreement with a mortgage of maximum or hanging mortgage.

Attack to public officials and injuries.

Corporate conflicts in important family businesses

Lawsuit against SAREB in Granada.

Defending a banking institution.

Malpractice medical issues

Agreement resulting from a lawsuit

Favorable judgment against the insurance company Allianz

Catalan leading company in the energy sector

We advise Business Angels and Venture Capital companies

Advice on the separation of an important consultant

Interprovider business group of Mercadona, S.A.

Lawsuit against the architects of an apartment building.

Master franchise agreement for the operation of stores.

Lawsuits related to franchise sectors

Negotiation and litigation related to the compensation for costumers

Defending the main Spanish publishing house.

Lawsuits and negotiations related to acts of imitation

Numerous bankruptcy processes in various sectors


Extensive experience in bankruptcy law

Main regulated sectors

Fraud and insolvency offence, dismissal.

Real state fraud.

Corporate crime and false documents.

Inspections and claims

Investments of non-residence in Spain.

Business transmission

Ilegal assignment of workers.

Transactional agreement representing an important German industrial group.

Defense of 40 workers.

Defense of the board of directors in a bankrupt company.

Modification of divorce and enforcement measures.

Child custody

Claim of legitimacy

Nullity of the will

National and international clients in credit recovery.

Lawsuit against a promoter

Collective of more than 50 affected

Transaction agreement with a banking institution

The firm advice a board of directors.