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Expert Lawyers in debt recovery

We have a team of lawyers with a very solid experience in debt recovery

Our broad experience in debt recovery allows us to provide a customized and high-quality service, focusing on the success of the debt collection and the client’s satisfaction.

 The service provided on debt recovery is focused on any kind of company and economic sector, regarding both secured  debts and commercial debts.

 The management of debt recovery is based on the high standards of ethics and the professional code of ethics with the aim to preserve our client’s reputation and the commercial relationship with the debtor.

“Since 1941, experts in national and international debt recovery”


More than 78 years of experience giving legal advice and defending companies, individuals, and groups certifies the legal path of Giménez-Salinas Law Firm. An invaluable experience that we apply to all our cases and clients.


Throughout our professional experience, we have handled hundreds of conflicts in many different sectors and areas of law. We have a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of lawyers and attorneys.


One of the characteristics that defines us is offering our clients a personalized service, our clients are informed on every stage of their cases and have a direct relationship with the lawyers or attorneys who handle their affairs.



GS belongs to the international network, Sekundi Debt Recovery, a professional network of over 500 professionals located in different countries that manage over 24,000 claims over the year.


We count on our paralegal team who are specialized in debt claim processes. The paralegal team is always under the supervision of our team of lawyers, who will assume the judicial claim of the debt.
One of the fundamental tools of the recovery debt collection is the information that our legal team has access to. For that we use the best databases and the best professionals on private investigation, if it is necessary.


Our fees for the provided service on debt recovery are based on the success of the recovery in an out-of-court phase as a percentage of the amount recovered.


We offer a uniform rate policy to all of our clients, no matter in which country the recovery has to be done.


Our debt recovery services in a judicial phase are subject to fixed-fees, amount that the client will recover if the debt collection is successful and if the judge awards costs, and subject to a success fee over the recovered amount.


Sekundi has an Intranet that allows us to control the international debt recovery process in real time, coordinating with our local partner and monitoring each and every phase of the process. This allows us to keep the client informed at all times.

Sekundi’s international debt recovery system allows us to guarantee an optimal management of international files through a single trusted partner specialized in the local market, with all the available corporate intelligence tools, and with a network of highly reliable local collaborators.


We offer our clients a close and customized service, so that they have certain knowledge and direct contact with the lawyers carrying their issue.

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Politica de privacidad

Defaulting is one of the main problems for companies. The management of unpaid bills and delays on the settlement of overdue invoices requires assigning many resources that will not bring value to the company’s business.

The situation can become even more complex when the debtor is abroad and in these cases it is very common that the creditor gives up pursuing the debtor. The ignorance of foreign legal systems, linguistic and cultural barriers and long distance complicates the recovery of debts result of international transactions.

Our broad experience in debt collection allows us to provide a high quality service, focusing mainly on the success of the recovery and the client’s satisfaction.

GS’ debt recovery system allows us to claim both, a large portfolio of small amounts of unpaid debts and large controversial receivables.

We manage secured and commercial debt for companies in all economic sectors.

The management of debt recovery is based on the high standards of ethics and the professional code of ethics with the aim to preserve our client’s reputation and the commercial relationship with the debtor.


We offer the possibility to fully outsource the management of any defaulting portfolio, including both domestic and international debt, through GS’ Debt Recovery System. 

GS’ Debt Recovery System has three different phases:

  • Analysis of the credit documentation (agreement, invoices, delivery notes, etc), and study of the viability of the claim debt
  • Beginning of an amicable or out-of-court: sending an initial certified e-mail, followed by telephone contact and subsequent written communications. This process lasts a maximum of 30 days. Our main objective is to settle the case quickly and without the need for formal legal actions.
  • Beginning of the judicial phase: after 30 days, if a commitment of payment has not been obtained from the debtor and the debtor’s solvency situation does not lead to the closure of the file, our team of lawyers will file a lawsuit and contact the debtor again.

Throughout the judicial process, we promote the negotiation of an amicable agreement with the debtor, with the main objective to finalize the judicial process.

Our system allows us to adapt the pases and the methodology to the specific needs of the client, and coordinate with Sekund’s international debt recovery system entrusting the local partner of Sekundi  the management of the debt recovery, when the debtor is abroad. Only this way it is possible to overcome the ignorance of foreign legal systems, linguistic and cultural barriers and long geographic distances that complicate reaching the debtor.

In the event that the debt claim is unsuccessful due to the debtor’s insolvency, our lawyers specialized in commercial litigation will study the causes and inform the client about the need to file the case, or analyze other possible alternative legal actions, such as complaints on the director’s liability for non-liquidation or diversion of assets, liability for company succession, necessary insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy liability or, if the case is particularly serious, criminal proceedings can be considered.