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1.- Recovery action requested from a spanish company against a foreign company outside the EU.

A national company based in Madrid whose corporate purpose is to offer consulting solutions specialized in Retail and F&B (food and beverage sector) requests our legal services to pursue, out of court, a recovery action against a Mexican group of companies in order to cash in a debt due since mid-2021.

As a reason for the non-payment, the foreign debtor alleged a defective rendering of services performed by our client. However, and after an in-depth analysis of the foreign group of companies, our team figured out that the real reason for the non-payment was, in fact, due to cash tensions.


2.- Guarantees of the out-of-court debt recovery process.

After analyzing the documentation and the statement of facts provided by the client, our team designed the best strategy to achieve a satisfactory recovery of the debt without having to go to court, our client main concern.

Thus, after formally requesting the debtor to pay the amounts owed, we managed to open a negotiation period which end with the recovery of 100% of the amount claimed, within a period of less than one month and without the need to go to court.

The experience of our team, as well as the excellent preparation of the file allowed us to meet all the objectives set by our client, guaranteeing the success of the recovery and preserving the existing business relationship between the parties, with whom our client continues to collaborate until today.

If you decide to outsource the management of the recovery of your unpaid receivables, either from domestic or foreign clients, our team offers you a comprehensive advice with the highest level of professional rigor and the maximum guarantees of success.

Contact us for more information about our debt recovery services at: info@gimenez-salinas.es


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