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Lawyers Specialists in Law, civil, family

Lawyers Specialists in Law, civil, family

The Civil and Family Department of the Firm provides comprehensive assessment in particularly complex conflicts affecting the family environment. The conflicts given within a family environment involve high levels of anxiety and concern for those who are living it. These conflicts arise from the most private sphere of our clients and affect their closest family (parents, couple, siblings…) and therefore these conflicts have to be treated with empathy, attentiveness, and rigor.

Our priority is to solve these problems in the most respectful and less painful way. This is why mediation and negotiation are always the first options to solve such conflicts and find the best satisfactory agreement. However, negotiation is not always possible, that is when the conflict will be settled in a judicial procedure.

We have wide experience in the legal protection of elderly persons, actively cooperating with a foundation that assumes their legal custody in court proceedings for the determination of competence (www.fundacioprovea.org).

We are widely experienced in court proceedings for the determination of competence and litigation related to conflicts on inheritance and failure of wills.

“Since 1941, experts in the solution of family conflicts”


More than 78 years of experience giving legal advice and defending companies, individuals, and groups certifies the legal path of Giménez-Salinas Law Firm. An invaluable experience that we apply to all our cases and clients.



Throughout our professional experience, we have handled hundreds of conflicts in many different sectors and areas of law. We have a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of lawyers and attorneys.


One of the characteristics that define us is offering our clients a personalized service, our clients are informed on every stage of their cases and have a direct relationship with the lawyers or attorneys who handle their affairs.

Do you have family conflicts?

From the Family Department, we deal with the problems directly, closely, and personalized with the aim of solving the conflict given within the family environment. We are conscious that every family constitutes a community of goods, values, and different expectations. That is why we adapt ourselves to each family, with whom we work rigorously, but also with the necessary flexibility, to achieve the best solution according to the currently applicable legal framework.

The legal assessment on family conflicts can be divided into three different areas:



Draft of prenuptial agreements, and establishment of unmarried partners, separations and divorces of mutual agreement, request for parent-child measures after the break-up of the unmarried couple, request for precautionary measures, procedures regarding the modification of measures, and executive procedures regarding the failure to comply monetary or non-monetary obligations.



Assessment in the draft of the last wills (testament, codicil, testamentary briefs, designation of guardians to children, equity administrator and executor of the will), declaration of heirs ab intestato (intestacy), pure and simple acceptance of the heritage, or acceptance at the benefit of inventory of the heritage, division of heritage, formation of lots, claim of the rightful inheritance and legacies. We offer legal advice in procedures to challenge the nullity of the will and procedures regarding the unworthiness to inherit.



We advise on the available legal tools to protect persons with incapacity: from the bestowal of preventive power, or self-protection to the procedure to change the capacity and designation of a tutor, and any other procedure regarding the legal capacity of persons: dismissal of the tutor, sale authorization, maintenance claim between relatives, among others.


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“We offer our clients a humane and close treatment, so that clients have direct knowledge, contact and relationship with the lawyers who handle their matters. “